We are proud to announce the Noiseworks music services. In addition to our award winning sound design work we are also offering various styles of music for a large variety of projects. From budget productions to high-profile linear and interactive media, we at Noiseworks will provide you with the right music for your needs.



We at Noiseworks are music production specialists. We seek to combine various styles of music, we try to involve both analogue and digital techniques which results in an exciting and versatile soundscape for the audience. Collectively we offer a diverse background of professional and personal experience, ranging from inside-the-box electronic productions to full on live orchestral recordings. Similar to our sound effects work we try to record as much fresh musical material as possible, as we highly believe that no samples can recreate a real human performance. We are constantly composing music for interactive and linear media which makes us highly flexible sound individuals.




It’s not a secret that live recordings will breathe life into your music productions. We have been arranging numerous live orchestra sessions which are not only very affordable but will make the difference in your final piece of music. We at Noiseworks work very closely with our customers to develop a solution that fits their individual requirements. Over the last few years we have built a unique recording network which offers you the ideal setup, suited exactly to your needs within a custom session. We are working very closely with an award winning team of audio engineers and orchestrators and can therefore elevate your self-produced music or full production to a Hollywood-style level. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more infos on the orchestral sessions.


We are offering extensive music sourcing and licensing services. No matter the size of your project, a short TV advert, music for your audio book or a full-on game production - our wide range of contacts within the music industry allow us to find the right music for you. We will sort out licensing costs and contracts for you, whilst making sure you get everything collected at the end so you can concentrate on getting your production finalised without worrying about the usual audio bottle neck.



Below please find a handful of examples of Noiseworks' music production. Here we showcase a handful of the many different styles of music we are capable of producing.