Wherever we are, what we hear is mostly noise. When we ignore it, it disturbs us. When we listen to it, we find it fascinating.“ (John Cage)

Here at Noiseworks we are fascinated by noise, sounds, cacophony, waveforms.. Call it whatever you like - it's what we love doing most, we want to bring interactive and linear media to life by adding bespoke sound design.



From giant fire breathing dragons to the exotic sounds of the Amazonian Rainforest, Noiseworks delivers BAFTA winning sound design for all types of linear and interactive media. Our sound design process usually starts off with a conversation with our client to find out what exactly is needed and we continue this dialogue throughout the process. It's very important to us to find out exactly what the game needs and who'd be better to tell us than the people who are actually creating the game? We all know that creating the sounds themselves is only 50% of the experience, therefore we spend a lot of time on implementation processes in either WWise, Fmod or Unity to find solutions to make sure our sounds immerse players to the fullest.


We love working on linear media, a nice fixed timeline and no player wants to exploit the land and soundscapes. We put equally as much effort into creating sound design and mixes for linear media as for its interactive sibling. From animation movies to documentary work, over to short films and feature film contributions, we can cover all the bases. Additionally we are also highly experienced in on-location recording for TV, which makes our skillset for linear media even more versatile.


A big part of our work involves recording fresh sound effects for your projects. We believe that companies with their own in-house audio team are perfectly capable of designing sound effects by themselves. In that case we have provided source recordings to our clients which allowed them to create sound effects with unique and fresh material rather than relying on only sound library solutions. With our massive collection of equipment and know-how we'd be more than capable to bring something new to your project.


Noiseworks and BOOM Library really are a match made in heaven. Parts of our team have been members of BOOM Library since the first release: Cinematic Metal and over the last few years we were able to contribute even more to one of the world's finest sound effect library creators. We source, record, edit the renowned Construction kit material and also work on cutting edge designs. Not only does that make the BOOM Library sound libraries sound great, all our other contract benefits greatly from the high demands and quality levels that BOOM Library is famous for.


High impact, full-on, trailer sound design. What's not to love about it? There's more to trailers than big sounding drum hits and explosions, for us it's always about enhancing the drama and story of the trailer on the audio side and making sure that sound design we add goes perfectly with the music track and voice overs. We have been specialising in trailer sound design for a number of years now and we know what it takes to bring your trailer to the next sonic level and engage with the audience. Clients like Creative Assembly, SEGA, Rare, CCP, Phoenix Labs and many more trust us with their trailer sound design and mix and we'd love to hear about your project and help to get the most impact out of it for you.