Sound Design

We Make Noise! From giant fire breathing dragons to the exotic sounds of the Amazonian Rainforest, Noiseworks delivers BAFTA winning sound design for all types of linear and interactive media.


If audio is 50% the experience, we are firm believers that implementation makes up at least half of that. We are fully set-up to implement remotely right from our studio here in London. May it be Unreal, Unity or a custom-built proprietary studio solution, here at Noiseworks we feel at home in all common game engines.

Field Recording

We jump at the opportunity to leave the studio for the open air! Whether it be recording explosions, quiet ambiences or on-set dialogue recording, companies like BOOM Library and UK broadcasters rely on Noiseworks to deliver high quality content.


Our experienced team of sound designers and composers are constantly working for countless developers to help them deliver their products on time. Wether it regards in-game sound effects, implementation, cinematics, trailers, or music production – Noiseworks will cover the bases.


We create temp music tracks and music mood boards to help flesh out marketing assets in the very early stages. We compose, direct and produce bespoke music including lyrics and live recordings of any kind and of all sizes. We edit, mix and time the sound effects to the music in a way that they’re in constant symbiosis and always emphasise the most important part of any trailer: To get future players hyped for a certain product or game.

Mixing and Mastering

Noiseworks provide mixing and mastering services for both interactive and linear media. We can provide mixes from stereo up to Dolby Atmos (7.1.4) or Ambisonics.

Music Production

Our world class composers help you deliver an emotional and engaging experience. From film and game scores to sonic branding and more, Noiseworks’ talented team of composers are not restricted by genre or style.

Live Orchestra Recording

It’s not a secret that live recordings will breathe life into your music productions. We have been arranging numerous live orchestra sessions which are not only very affordable but will make the difference in your final piece of music.

Sound Branding

A sonic logo should be an essential part of any marketing campaign. We can help to make the sound branding as impactful as the visual aspect.

Audio Restoration

Due to our field recording background we are experts in restoring audio from challenging recording situations. Clicks and pops, noise and hum, bird noises, nothing is safe from us.


Noiseworks can provide professionals for supervising your film or game production. Our award winning team know the challenges which arise during production and will help streamlining the process.

Ambisonics and VR

Stereo and Surround is just the beginning. We are capable of providing ambisonic sound effects and recordings and would therefore be the ideal partner for your VR project. Please contact us for more information.