In times where outsourcing is more and more important than ever before, to allow companies to keep on top of their game production workloads, it's incredibly important to find a partner who can be trusted and relied on at all times. At Noiseworks we're proud to provide just those qualities.



With a combined experience within the games industry of almost 30 years, we at Noiseworks are well prepared to take on outsourcing projects from companies. No matter how small or big a project, our in-depth knowledge of various game engines and audio middleware plus our network of valued sound designers and technical specialists allows us to scale the team to your needs. We are well aware, that no single project is the same and we're specialists in adapting our skillsets and expertise to our clients' needs.


There's a good chance that people know George Lucas' quote "audio is 50% the experience" quite well these days and are aware of the general power and immersive quality of audio in linear and interactive media. However, we are firm believers that "implementation is also 50% of the experience". The best sound effect will completely fall apart with bad implementation, immersion will suffer if drop-off values are wrong, if the reverb sounds inaccurate or EQ settings are not paid attention to. Implementation is paramount and part of the reason why we have worked so hard over the last years to create an infrastructure to be able to provide this service to our clients even from our remote location.


Wwise, Fmod, Factory.. The list goes on, but rest assured we have got it covered. With many audio middlewares being our long term companions over the years we know that it is the beating heart the connects gameplay, sound effects and music. Less than ideal implementation techniques or choice of middleware can equally result in bad audio. Therefore we're spending a lot of our time refining implementation processes and making sure we're staying up-to-date with the latest versions and improvements of the most common middle ware.


May it be Unreal, Unity or a custom-built proprietary studio solution, here at Noiseworks we feel at home in all common game engines. Working in different studios and with different clients over the last decade has given us in-depth knowledge of many different types of engines. This allows us to acclimatise quickly to new environments and reduces the time of on-boarding significantly.


Given the fact that no project is the same and needs might vary significantly, we can scale our team up by using our long-term, exclusive partners at BOOM Library as well as a trusted talent pool of freelancers who are always at our disposal. Rest assured, that not a single sound effect or preview goes out to you until the leads are satisfied themselves. And trust us, that can take some internal iterations already…