We were extremely excited to get the opportunity by our great friends and partners Dynamedion to get involved in some of the audio production for Media Molecule's latest title "Dreams". It's very rare these days to be part of something truly unique and special and we're proud to have played a part in the production of this incredible game. We were mainly responsible for the internal library creation, recording and implementation within the dreams universe - players can use those sounds to create their own soundscapes, music compositions, complex sequences and many more. We provided a close hub to our Media Molecule friends in Guildford and can't wait to get our hands on the finished game asap. Please note that we weren't involved in the production of the above trailer.

As part of the Dynamedion Sound Design Team
Outsource Lead Sound Designer
David Philipp
In-Game Library SFX
David Philipp, Byron Bullock, Felix Diekhake & Michael Schwendler
David Philipp & Severin Schwarz